Sizing Information

All crochet garments run true to US sizing. The garments are made for a stylish, sexy look and aren't considered to be full coverage by any means. If you have any questions about sizing and fit, please contact us.

Please order your correct bra size when applicable. Crochet garments do work a bit differently, but our tops fit quite true to their matching bra sizes. Ordering a size smaller or larger may result in an awkward or unsatisfied fit. If there is any fit you'd prefer (modest, moderate, tighter fit, loose fit, more cleavage, etc.) please contact us PRIOR to purchasing, so we can discuss and make the garment properly with your custom specifications. Smaller and larger sizing is available. Please contact us to set up an order. Keep in mind that sizing bigger than a D cup can be made, but may not provide the proper support. Please take this into consideration if you'd like to set up an order in a larger size. Additional sizing  information is available upon request.


Care Instructions

All crocheted items should be gently hand washed with mild laundry soap in cold water. If you have multiple item(s) be sure to hand wash each item separately. When removing spots or stains it is best to act fast! Completely soak the garment in warm soapy water. Try to avoid any harsh rubbing or scrubbing. This will prevent color fading, color transfer, and fuzz balls. Gently move the fabric between the palms of your hands in circular motion. To dry, reshape the item and lay flat OR hang to dry. If you're short on time the fabric can withstand the air dry (lowest heat) setting on your dryer. We DO NOT recommend machine washing crocheted item(s)! Should you choose to machine wash your crocheted item(s), place them into a lingerie or mesh wash bag and set the washer on the delicate or hand wash setting. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about caring for your crocheted items.